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Empowering Change: SMR's Approach to Sustainable Project Management

At SMR, we are pioneers in revolutionizing sustainable project management. Our innovative digital carbon registry simplifies complex sustainability tasks, reduces operational costs and streamlines processes. SMR Registry ensures transparency through our trust chain model, all with Zero upfront onboarding Fees. This approach makes sustainable project management accessible and efficient for project developers and smallholder farmers, particularly in the Global South. Our primary objectives include lowering CO2 emissions, enhancing livelihoods, and safeguarding biodiversity.

Carbon Markets: The Catalyst

Carbon markets are essential tools in the global fight against climate change. By enabling entities to support emission-reducing initiatives through the purchase of credits, carbon markets play a crucial role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. As we strive to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, carbon markets complement direct climate action measures by facilitating investment in nature-based solutions and other emission reduction projects. These markets not only drive environmental sustainability but also promote economic growth and social development by incentivizing green initiatives and fostering innovation in the transition to a low-carbon economy


Rock Meets Paper

The current landscape of sustainable project management suffers from inefficiencies and a lack of transparency, presenting obstacles to progress and accessibility for both developers and smallholder farmers, particularly in the global south. Suppliers face significant challenges when entering the carbon marketplace, exacerbated by low profit margins on their carbon offsets. Additionally, issues like double counting and a scarcity of high-value carbon offsets further compound the problem.


Paper Meets Scissors

The global south has often played a passive role in addressing global challenges, including climate change. Historically, we've been consumers rather than creators or owners of technology, particularly in the realm of carbon markets. SMR's Carbon Registry marks a significant departure from this trend as the first fully digital DLT-backed registry originating from
the global south. Our digitized carbon standards leverage AI and immutable technology,
removing intermediaries and the risk of double counting. Moreover, it integrates smallholder farmers previously excluded from the carbon credit value chain due to small field sizes. By spearheading innovation, we are empowering global south projects to lead from the front and democratizing the carbon value chain

our services

Preserving the earth for future generations

Tree Planting and Maintenance

We specialize in planting and maintaining tress to enhance forest ecosystem and promote sustainability.

Forest Fire Prevention

Our report team implements rigorous strategies to prevent forest fires and protect natural resources.

Forst Rehabilitation

We repair damaged forests by implementing comprehensive plans to revive the ecosystem and preserve biodiversity.


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